NEVER SOL - Roza (Official Video)

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Video made by Michaela Karásková- Čejková
Scenography by Efemér (
Make- up by Renée Vidourková
Edit / animation by Jakub Kouřil

Mixed and mastered by Matouš Godík
Music by Never Sol

Where did it all go
I wonder every night
When I think of all
When I try to remember
All of the
Moments we were through
I can’t understand
Where did love go
Where did hope escape
That we part
Everyday more and more
We’re distant like seas
Won’t you remember
Won’t you remember me
Are you trying to forget me
Because I can’t forget you
And all that you were
You were the season’s changes
You were the day and night
You were all my future light
You were the bottom of my heart